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Natosha Tew

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New Hanover County requires steadfast leadership on the school board. Natosha Tew is committed to dismantling the Leftist DEI frameworks in our schools. She stands by her word with action.


Letter to Voters

Why Vote for Me?

As a dedicated mother, engaged community member and school board candidate, I am committed to removing divisive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives from our schools. These initiatives distract from the core goals of K-12 education: fostering academic excellence and preparing students for real-world success.

As a candidate for school board, I firmly believe in a merit-based system for grading, hiring, and promoting staff. Rewarding hard work and excellence will inspire both students and educators. We need to create an environment where everyone can thrive. This includes the removal of Superintendent Foust, under whose leadership our schools have strayed from their educational mission.

I intend to lead our school district on academic achievement and practical skill development over political indoctrination. We must eliminate radical Left Socialist elements from student curriculum and professional development for teachers. Instead, we should emphasize civic and constitutional literacy in our schools. It’s essential for students to understand the foundations of our democratic republic and their roles as informed citizens.

Additionally, I am committed to removing inappropriate and unsuitable materials from our schools, ensuring all content is age-appropriate and conducive to learning. I regularly participate in classes about the K-12 education system, and having learned about the amount of inappropriate curriculum used in schools is shocking. All unsuitable material needs to be replaced with traditional and proven content.

Our schools must get back to the basics if we want our children to succeed. However, to make this happen, our schools need to be a safe and inviting environment for our children and staff. The violence in our schools has reached critical levels, and much goes unreported. Real consequences need to be implemented for actions that compromise the safety and well-being of everyone at school. 

And with this message, I ask for your support this election. Together we can build a bright future for our children and restore our schools to safe places of learning and achievement in excellence.

 Natosha Tew
Natosha and Kiana


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