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Natosha Tew

For School Board

New Hanover County requires steadfast leadership on the school board. Natosha Tew is committed to dismantling the Leftist DEI frameworks in our schools. She stands by her word with action.


Letter to Voters

Why Vote for Me?

As a mother and a New Hanover County School Board candidate deeply committed to education reform, my campaign targets the district’s underperformance resulting from an emphasis on Woke ideologies and DEI narratives. These initiatives distract from the core goals of education: fostering academic excellence and preparing students for real-world, life-long success.

As a board member, I intend to lead our school district on academic achievement and practical skill development over political indoctrination. This includes advocating for the removal of Superintendent Foust, under whose leadership our schools have strayed from their educational mission, and the elimination of all Radical Left Socialist elements in both student curriculum and professional development for teachers.

If you share my concerns about the direction of our children’s education and the impact of progressive ideologies, I invite you to support my campaign. Together, we can restore our schools to places of learning and achievement, where environments are free from ideological bias and every student can thrive.

I stand as the sole New Hanover County School Board candidate to receive endorsement from Michele Morrow, a visionary leader vying to become the next NC State Superintendent and who is challenging Thom Tillis’ chosen protégé. Michele’s endorsement underscores our shared vision for educational excellence, success of our students and steering clear of political agendas.

Join me in this crucial effort to advocate for the needs of every parent and child in our community. With your support, we can ensure a bright and promising future for all students in New Hanover County.

 Natosha Tew
Natosha and Kiana


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Our children’s education is in peril. Your support is crucial to safeguard the future of our children and community. Once elected, I’ll bring a halt to the nonsense that’s infected our school district. Please donate what your budget can afford to my school board campaign.