NHCS Superintendent Foust, We Demand Accountability and Transparency

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by | Jan 25, 2024 | Remove DEI

Though New Hanover County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Charles Foust, released a statement today (1/25/2024) to Mosley parents, stating that the Mosley School will remain open in 2024-2025, we will not back down in demanding his resignation.

The underhanded, secretive scheming that transpired among staff, particularly Dr. Foust and Chief Academic Officer, Dr Patrice Faison, without the School Board of Education’s knowledge or approval is egregious and should concern all parents. They have been planning for 3 years to close Mosley and convert it to a Newcomers school that would provide “wrap-around” services for illegal migrants and families. Folks, that is three years of clandestine planning (and likely some sort of county funding), without board, Mosley family or community awareness.

This is not his 1st offense. Let us not forget back in December 2021 when Foust and former assistant superintendent LaChawn Smith hired sophic Solutions to host an equity activist summit for 100 selected students under the guise of an Equity Team field trip, wherein children were being groomed to be activists, carrying signs and chanting “equity is equality”. Similarly, the elected school board and some parents were also unaware of this unapproved, backdoor event.

Good Governance Requires Transparency!

Parental rights and transparency are pillars of my campaign.  I intend to promote transparency not just from board members but from the staff to restore trust and good governance to our county school board.

Fortunately, there has been a bipartisan, 6-1 effort amongst elected board officials to investigate this wrongdoing. I will be looking into the manner in which Drs. Foust and Faison may have breached their contract by engaging in secretive plans that undermined the board’s authority and upset our whole community.

Foust’s Handling of Mosley Situation Eroded Community Trust In New Hanover County Schools

Let’s not forget the Mosley families who have been emotionally devastated, families with whom we must restore trust. Dr. Foust’s comment from today about looking forward to continued learning and growing together is a blissfully ignorant statement disregarding the emotional upheaval the Superintendent has put them through.

Dr Foust stated,

We know the possibility of closure caused concern for many of you, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this process. We are grateful for the support and engagement of our school community, and we look forward to a second semester of continued learning and growing together.”

Contrast the above statement with the original, blindsiding letter written with no level of care, concern, or compassion…

Letter to parents stating Mosley will close.

In addition to parents, community members, and the school board, County Commissioner Dane Scalise also voiced his concern about this unjustifiable power grab by Foust and Faison,

“I am also gravely concerned that Dr. Foust and his administration unilaterally decided to announce the closure of Mosley without seeking the Board of Education’s prior approval. Discussions and decisions of this magnitude should be had and made by our elected Board of Education, not staff behind closed doors. Furthermore, the public should always have the opportunity to weigh in every step of the way.”

I stand in agreement with Commissioner Scalise. Together, we will guard our students and families against corruption in the school administration and against future plans to create illegal migrant hubs like the Newcomers school that was planned to replace Mosley.

Schools for Refugees

The newcomers school Foust proposes is based on two existing newcomers schools in Guilford County, North Carolina: Sylvia Mendez Newcomers School and Doris Hernandez Newcomers School. These two schools are only known newcomers schools in North Carolina fully managed by a local public school district.

A similar situation to the local newcomers school has emerged in Greensboro, NC, at the former American Hebrew, now renamed Greensboro Piedmont Academy. This Greensboro school, since being financially backed by Chinese investment firms Metabroad International Group, LLC and Heyi Holdings L.P., is one of some 300 facilities across 27 states planned to house and service illegal unaccompanied minor children and families, operating under the auspices of the Biden Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Let’s take a stand to prevent this from happening in New Hanover County!

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