About Natosha Tew

Who Am I?

I’m not a politician. I’m a mom with 10 years’ experience as a first responder. And a few years ago, I took the initiative to homeschool my daughter to provide a better education than what her failing public school offered. So, I can truly appreciate how inadequate our schools truly are.

Natosha Tew for School Board

I Advocate for the Future of Our Children and the Prosperity of Our Community

I am Natosha Tew, a School Board candidate committed to improving the future of our children and community. The foundation of my candidacy is on fixing our schools by removing the politicized “Woke” curriculum. I want to return our schools to using proven educational principles. 

Restoring Excellence in Mediocre Schools

The current state of mediocrity in our schools stems from a focus on CRT and DEI dogma, rather than promoting individual merit in educational achievement. It’s time for our schools to shift their emphasis from Far Left politics to equipping students with the skills necessary for careers in the real world.

Let’s Get Back to Basics

If you share my concern about the damaging effects of Woke ideology on our children’s education and their future prospects, please volunteer or donate to my campaign today. I believe swift action is needed to steer our school district back on course.