I Endorse Michele Morrow for North Carolina State Superintendent of Schools

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by | Jan 31, 2024 | Parent's Rights

A Conservative Vision for North Carolina’s Education Future

It is my pleasure to endorse Michele Morrow for NC Superintendent of Instruction. A former nurse and teacher, Michele is the only candidate in the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction with a proven record of winning the fight for conservatism.

Michele is a frontline advocate for prioritizing education and financial resources for North Carolina students and families.15 million unvetted migrants have poured over America’s borders under Joe Biden’s administration and it’s killing our children and straining our schools. Michele is the only candidate who will put American Children and Families first in our K-12 schools.

Here in New Hanover County, Michele brought statewide awareness to Superintendent Foust’s hidden agenda to close the only school dedicated to our special needs children, with plans to replace it with a “newcomers” school for refugees. Thanks in part to Michele’s bold social media stance, this plan has been stopped. Catherine Truitt, the sitting NC Superintendent, remains silent on the situation.

Michele is known throughout North Carolina as a fighter who has helped pass bills that protect parental rights and girls in sports.

She has 16 years of classroom homeschooling experience, with expertise in developing robust high school curricula for civics, history, science, and English to meet the diverse learning needs of students.

Michele will take a firm stance against Critical Race Theory and root out DEI in our classrooms. I look forward to having a strong partner like Michele in Raleigh.

— Natosha Tew

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